Intellectual Property

The strengthening of the intellectual property rights regime,Intellectual in particular through the adoption of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) is the subject of intense scrutiny and debates in most countries of the world. By providing for minimum levels of protection of intellectual property rights generally based on average OECD levels of protection, TRIPS constitutes a significant challenge to a number of developing countries which have to make significant changes to their legislations to be in compliance.
Some of the fiercest debates concern patents which provide a bundle of time-limited rights to inventors. Patents are deemed to provide necessary incentives for the development of private sector enterprises in areas where patents are granted.
Traditionally most countries have provided strict limitations on the scope of patentability. Patents were, for instance, not available for a 'discovery' (as opposed to an invention) and a number of countries provided restrictions on patentability in specific sectors such as pharmaceuticals. TRIPS now obliges countries to provide patents in all fields of technology. This implies, for instance, that health cannot be excluded from patentability. Furthermore, TRIPS imposes the protection of plant varieties and therefore brings the whole food sector within its purview. TRIPS also introduces with exceptions the patentability of life forms. TRIPS is thus fundamentally linked to the development of the biotechnology industry.
V. S. LAW OFFICE efficiently cater to the requirements of clients to safeguard their Intellectual Property Rights. V. S. LAW OFFICE deals in following areas of IPR laws:

  • Trade Marks;
  • Copyrights;
  • Patents;
  • Domain Name Registration;
  • Geographical Indications;
  • Designs and Trade Secrets;

V. S. LAW OFFICE offers the following services in different areas of IPR:
  • Complying with the legal formalities of getting the Patent registered, conducting research on availability of the said patent, drafting specifications and claims, responding to the examiners queries, filing PCT applications, drafting and filing of assignment and licensing agreements and also infringement petitions.
  • Complying with all the formalities with respect to registration and litigation matters of Trade Marks and Service Marks, including drafting technology transfer and licensing agreements, valuation of Intellectual property of the client.
  • Complying with the formalities of getting Copyright and Designs registered with the authorities, giving opinion regarding protection of the copyright and filing petitions of infringement where & when required.
  • Appearance before Authorities and / or Court in respect of matters pertaining to filing of applications and removing objections thereof;
  • Advising and initiating appropriate legal action to protect the interest of our esteemed clients & their Intellectual Proprietary Rights.

V. S. LAW OFFICE also provides its clients with ongoing counseling with respect to formulating an overall licensing strategy as well as on a variety of focused issues, such as:
  • Warranties, indemnities, disclaimers of damages, limitations of liability, enforceability, ownership of intellectual property, export restrictions and license rights.

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