Centre Tells Supreme Court - NRI Voting Rights Bill is coming Up In Rajya Sabha inn Upcoming Winter Session

09 Dec, 2018

The Centre Government on hearing before the Supreme Court on Friday has informed that a bill to amend electoral law to allow NRIs to vote through postal or e-ballots has been passed by Lok Sabha and is likely to come up in Rajya Sabha in the upcoming Winter Session. The government told this to a bench of Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta which was hearing a batch of petitions filed by Nagender Chindam, chairman of London-based Pravasi Bharat organisation, and other Non Resident Indians (NRIs) including Shamsheer V P. The petitions have said that 114 countries, including 20 Asian nations, have adopted external voting, which could be held by setting up polling booths at diplomatic missions or through postal, proxy or electronic voting. Once this bill is passed in the Rajya Sabha, all the NRIs across the world would have the right to cast their votes in the elections. There has been a long pending demand from the NRIs to cast their votes during the general elections in India which if passed in the Rajya Sabha shall be another feather in the cap of the ruling BJP Government.