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About V. S. Law Office

V. S. LAW OFFICE is a full service law firm committed to provide innovative legal solutions to its domestic as well as international clients. We help clients achieving their goals by combining the highest global standards with local expertise. We do this by blending professional expertise with the business objective of our client and by developing a strong grasp of their business and by building trusted relationship with their people...

NCLT Chandigarh, NCLAT New Delhi,
DRT Chandigarh, DRAT New Delhi
Insolvency Professional
Registered with IBBI
Handled Many Assignments as Lawyer
for Insolvency Profession in NCLT + NCLAT

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What Others Say About Our Practice

Mr Vinish provides excellent legal advice and great follow through. He has got an "Out of Box" approach to legal problems. He has a Never Say Die approach which eventually makes the impossible case looks solvable in due course of time and ultimate winner through and through….
- Sanjeev Monga - Raheja Universal Ltd, Mumbai

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